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Puzzle Land

Puzzle Land is a remake of the gameboy game Daedalian opus also known as puzzle road in japan
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10 May 2008

Editor's review

The classic way, to successfully enhance the power of mind and imagination to connect randomly scattered things, thoughts and processes, are the puzzles. Even though, it is one of the oldest, mostly played and highly predictable game but still due to its inherent quality of challenging the mind and thought process of an individual, it is very popular world wide and along people of every age group. Puzzles are a sort of parameter to check the ability of human mind and at times they are also used as a medium to check the ability of brains of animals. In short, puzzles are perhaps the most appreciated and well used game in the world.

There are uncountable and unlimited forms, types and versions of puzzles available worldwide. Puzzle Land 1.0 is a latest puzzle game which is a remake of Daedalian opus available on gameboy. Daedalian opus is also known by the name “puzzle road” in the country Japan. The remake of this game has similar game plan as well as levels, however, the changed music along with improved graphics add new twist to this Puzzle Land 1.0. The user interface of this game containing 36 levels is simple yet appealing. Each of the 36 levels have good number of blocks and with the help to these blocks the player must try to build shapes which are pre-defined. The level of difficulty rises with each higher levels and the number of blocks also increase for the player to explore. On an average one puzzle almost takes 30 minutes to solve. So definitely, even though it looks like an easy puzzle but it is not all that easy.

It is a decent time pass game and has very good number of levels which break the monotony of any puzzle game. The new sound makes each level comes alive. Graphics is also considerably impressive which makes it a 3 star rated game.

Publisher's description

Puzzle Land is a remake of the gameboy game Daedalian opus also known as puzzle road in japan. The gameplay and levels are the same but the graphics, music sounds have changed. It's a puzzle game with 36 levels, in each level you'll get a number of blocks and with these blocks you'll have to try to create a pre-defined shape. In later levels you'll have more blocks to your dis-posal and the difficulty will increase. you could easily spend 30 minutes on one puzzle.
Puzzle Land
Puzzle Land
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